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Hello and welcome!


I am a experienced audio professional working as a technical sound designer at “Sweet Justice


Sections of the site are still under development at the moment, but please scroll down…..

  • DICE -Battlefiled  1 Dialogue Editor & Additional Sound Design.

I have worked as a dialogue editor on the cinematics for  BF1’s single player campaign.  I also provided sound design for all the battle pack animation sequences in multiplayer.

  • Epic Games – Paragon Dialogue Editor & Additional Sound Design.

Whilst working at Sweet Justice, I was fortunate enough to work as a Dialogue Editor on Epic Games’ latest title Paragon.

Paragon is a MOBA game which features beautifully crafted characters and a detailed card based power up system, offering layers of strategic choice to the way you play.

I also provided additional sound design for the UI menus in the game. 

  •  DICE – Mirrors Edge Catalyst – Cinematic Localisation Dialogue Mixer.

I am proud to have worked on the cinematics in Mirrors Edge Catalyst by mixing the region dialogue for the game. Mirrors Edge Catalyst is a free running martial arts game base in an huge open word!

  • Critereon – Need for Speed – Most Wanted – Freelance Location Recordist & SFX Editor.

I worked for Criteron as a freelance location recordist on the Need for Speed Franchise, cutting and delivering SFX for use in the game.