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Folk Tale – Cinematic Audio Post

Folk Tale is a real-time strategy game for PC and Mac developed by indie game studio Games Foundry using the Unity platform.

Games Foundry have been supported by Steam’s “Green Light” program for indies and is constantly being updated with new DLC. The game is one of Steam’s success stories and now features a sandbox level builder system!

You can find it on steam here;  Folk Tale is about $20.00 which is an absolute bargain for the amount of enjoyment you’ll get out of playing it!

I was asked to work with Games Foundry as a freelancer in late 2012  and I continue to support them today.

I completed the audio post production for all their cinematic sequences in the early access version of the game which equaled about 10 pre rendered cinematics of around 2-3 mins each

Cinematic Audio Post

Due to the strong story telling dialogue throughout the pieces it was paramount to mix the sound design and Foley so as not to distract the listener but also with enough presence and clarity to bring life to the characters and their surroundings.

Nuendo Capture 3






I’d like to say a big thank you to Simon Dean the project lead on Folk Tale for giving me the opportunity to create some great content for the game.

You can visit the Folk Tale development blog here it is always being updated with new content and it is fascinating to see the thought processes behind the games development.

In fact, one of the things the team are most proud of is their symbiotic relationship with the community, decisions in the past have been made as a direct result of listening to their fans!


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