Joe Hudson Sound Design | UDK Footstep Sound Design & Implementation
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UDK Footstep Sound Design & Implementation

This footstep demonstration cinematic was created to demonstrate some of the surface footsteps work I have completed and explore other methods of approaching audio for cinematic.

Instead of using the normal approach where the volume automation in matinee’s curve editor to adjust the volume of the footsteps in relation to the camera position,

I have adopted to hard attach a moving sound actor to the feet of the character& built a bespoke kismet payback system to replay the footsteps, the volume and panning is adjusted by the game engine in real time based on the cameras proximity& position to the sound actor.

This is an un-authodox approach was beneficial as it meant I didn’t have to hundreds of sound cue events for each footstep in matinee. This could only have been achieved because I played the role of level designer, cinematic director and sound designer.

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