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The End

“The End” is a award winning short film by “We Are Heroes Films.”

The film's story centers around a mother and daughter's fight for survival against the undead.

The video you can see above is an actual 35 second continuous take of the amazing actress "Shelley Draper" preparing before action is called. I still get a chill just watching it!

I worked as sound designer and Foley artist on the film and contributed to the final mix with work from other sound artists.

My favorite pieces of design I did on the film would be in the scene where female lead battles her urges to eat her daughter! I mixed a rattle snake with several layers of haunting undead moans and groans to imply that she is becoming one of the undead and also the hope was to bring the listener closer to the danger on screen.

The other piece of design I like is the door break sound I created, which, although it is an implied sound off screen, it really helps the crescendo of the piece by implying the zombies are in the room and that a horrible death is imminent!

I am pleased to say the film has recently won the "Horror Film of the Night" award at the "Lime Light Film Awards" in London.

"Lime Light" champion up and coming film talent and take a lead role the way in identifying emerging British film makers while helping to strengthen the industry.

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